whatever it is…

he shares most of her thoughts on life. they are very good friends. one had been constantly there for the other.

their love for music, books and arts made it impossible for them to pass up on a good chance for a meaningful conversation.

and each day, bliss.

others see them as sweethearts, growing from toddlers biting off the other’s pacifier to teenagers chasing the other down the road.

to them, their friendship cannot equal that of anyone’s bestest bond. they were inseparable, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

it was very typical for anyone who bump into them to think that they are into each other. that someday, wedding bells will ring for them.

but when asked about how one love the other, both of their faces give off that kind of red glow you see on apples warmed by the sunlight.

people interpret it as love indeed. 

they don’t interpret it at all. 

to them, the queries were nothing but a bunch of lightning bolt with loads of confusion.

as if it has nothing more to give but unrestful musings.

but what could they really possibly mean to each other?

lovers, as what others say?

they are uncertain.

is it really love?

they can’t disagree, and can’t agree either.

all they know is that whenever their together, everytime the other speaks his or her mind out, producing exactly the words that the other had been meaning to say, they know that it must be something wonderful.

whatever it is, if it’s love, if it’s infatuation, if it’s a temporary madness, none of them wants to know.

for deep inside they know that tragedies may be borne out of the realization. so they will keep theirs as sacred as that of the love of an innocent child to the first person who touched him.

life is complicated, love is an insanity that only time can cure.

their life is simple.

so Hill took Kate’s hands and promised that whatever it is they have, it will never fade.

they are both afraid that if they call it love or infatuation or temporary madness,

everything else will look as full as the world they live in.

because yes, the feelings that envelop them two, had been their cocoon. their own world where the imperfect transforms to perfect. where the unfair turns to just. where the complicated evolves slowly to simple.


they are sure of what they feel. 

whatever it is…


~ by coffeegranules on July 29, 2008.

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